National Specialty Obedience

YearAwardDog’s NameOwner/s 
1971HITCH Alouette Des Rogues Rouges CDXK JohnsonOpen B
1972HITNo Information Available  
1973HITTanzy De Landes CDB PaullOpen A
1974HITHi Times Mighty MichaelB McClellandNovice A
1975HITBriand Des Rogues RougesD WarnerUtility
1976HITNo Information Available  
1977HITChieho’s Colton ShepardN SundayNovice A
1978HITCh Up Tempo Afternoon DelightP LaursenNovice B
1979HITOTCH Dusty of Sierra Shadows TDJ ScottNovice B
1980HITCH Hi Times Exact Combination CDX TDM WisnerOpen B
1981HITCH Bronze Bell’s Golden Flame CDL YoungOpen A
1982HITCH Gabiama’s Kyla De La CorpsJ CoenNovice B
1983HITCH OTCH Fern Hill Act One TDB HandlerUtility
1984HITFourfooted Nomad of Chato CDXP LaursenOpen B
1985HITOTCH Brandywines Snooky BearG McGrathOpen B
1986HITCh Carousel’s Piped Piper UDM JanekOpen B
1987HITBilgays Spindrifter CDK JohnsonOpen A
1988HITCH Starbright EnchanterP LedbetterNovice B
1989HITStarbright Erazzmatazz CDXL PieferOpen B
1989HCCH Starwinds Jessie Symons UDS Symons 
1990HITCH Starbright Full Moon Shadow TDC RoyalNovice A
1990HCInformation Not Available  
1991HITCH OTCH Charad’e Allusive Bronson UDD AllenOpen B
1991HCCH Charade’s Allusive Bronson UDD Allen 
1992HITStartrek Entrprise of AnduinD AllenNovice B
1992HCOTCH Jamaica’s Front Runner RDC Maupin 
1993HITCH Perfection In The Ruff CDXL Moore-VoelkerOpen B
1993HCNone Earned  
1994HITWinjammers Hot In The ShadeJ Norman/P MorganNovice B
1994HCCH Auguste De Fortinbras UDTD MacManus 
1995HITCH HR Legacy’s Mountain Prite TDD SussliNovice B
1995HCCH HC Theroits Red Baron UDTM Theriot 
1996HITOTCH Seafield Le Serviteur Tacara UDXN TrowbridgeOpen B
1996HCCH/OTCH Starbright Freelancer UDX TDP Laursen 
1997HITCH/OTCH Great Expectations Of Anduin UDXD AllenOpen B
1997HCCH Snowflower Just Fianchetto UD PT NAJ & J Miller 
1998HITCH/OTCH O Than Agon’s Hey Jude UDX TDA Mitchell/A & M EvartsOpen B
1998HCCH/OTCH O Than Agon’s Hey Jude UDX TDA Mitchell/A & M Evart 
1999HITCH Ques-Que-Ce Morning Song UDX TD HXT LewisOpen B
1999HCCrestar He Ne Regrette Rien UDJ Drake/B Steiner 
2000HITKlaar Once In A Lifetime CD TDA Bell/D YoungNovice B
2000HCCH Starbright Inverness Glory UDX TDXC Smith 
2001HITCH OTCH Starbright Inverness Glory UDX TDXC SmithOpen B
2001HCCH OTCH Starbright Inverness Glory UDX TDXC Smith 
2002HITCorvette’s Addicted To LoveK & S BrearleyNovice B
2002HCCH Klaar Once In A Lifetime CDX TDA H Bell & D Young 
2003HITNicha Nova une Etoile est Nee CDX HITs AG1 MADC MGDC MSDC CGCM GauvinNovice B
2003HCCh Chateau D’Vie’s Hors De Pair UD HT MX MXJJ Symons 
2004HITAriel’s Escape Through Time UDT OA AXJM WickmannOpen B
2004HCCH OTCH Jamaica The Lone Ranger UCD UDX HT OAS Harris 
2005HITTarkatan Cisu Sch2 FH CDD FenzeNovice B
2005HCCH Zerimar’s Bound & Determined UD NAJ Durbain-Ramerez & V Rameraz 
2006HITU-CDX Fastbreaks Lickety-Split CDX TDS NemediOpen B
2006HCOTCH Starbright Paybacks Are Hell UDX2C Smith 
2007HITU-CD Coda ‘N Classic Tell Me Quick CDS NemediNovice B
2007HCCH Jamaica The Painted Prairie CDJ Morstad 
2008HITCH OTCH Jamaica Object of the Game UDX3 RN HSAd HSBd HIAd HXAdS HarrisOpen B
2008HCOTCH CH Bren Mars Freedom Fighter UDXL Jenkins 
2009HITCH Incyta Way Ahead UDT RE OM1 MX MXJ XFB WirkowskiOpen B
2009HCCH Zerimar’s Bound & Determined UDX RE NAJ & V Ramirez 
2010HITCH Starbright Casino Royale TD CDX MX MXJ XFR RND AllenNovice B
2010HCCH OTCH Jamaica Object of The Game UDX6 OM1 RN HSAd HSBd HIAd HXA S Harris 
2011HITCH OTCH Starbright Casino Royale TD OM2 UDXD AllenOpen B
2011HCNot Awarded  
2012HITCH Sky Acres Flying Made EasyJ Skuba & L SkubaNovice A
2012HCCH Chiron Incyta More To Th’ Story CDX BN RNS Harris 
2013HITOTCH Snowflower Play It Pizzicato UDX3 OM5 RN MX MXJL Shea & C HelegsenOpen B
2013HCCH Sensation’s From the Heart CD RE TD HSAs MX MXJ MXFJim Johnston & Sue Fregien 
2014HITGCH Starbright Bettin’ On the RiverB Siccardi & M JanekNovice B
2014HCCH OTCH Chiron Incyta More to Th’ Story UDX OM2 BN RNS Harris 
2015HITParsons Starbright Shoot for the Stars CD TD RN HSM FoleyNovice B
2015HCCH Blak Jak Phalcon Flying High UDX OM3 VER RAEL Vuckson & P Naulty 
2016HITCH Chateau Blanc Odyssey at Greenbriar TDC SimonsonNovice B
2016HCCH LaBarge’s True Texas Outlaw UD HXAs HXBs GO VERE Outlaw & S LaBarge 
2017HITCH CT Skylark Pathfinder Sunstone UDX5 OM8 RE GN VERS HT HSAs HIAsM Foley & J BlankleyOpen B
2017HCCH CT Skylark Pathfinder Sunstone UDX5 OM8 RE GN VERS HT HSAs HIAsM Foley & J Blankley 
2018HITNicha Gold Star ArseneS LabrieNov B
2018HCGCH CH OTCH Chantryile Gossip Girl UDX4 OM6 BN RAEP Blackstone

Open B/

Utility B

2019HITGCH CH OTCH Chantryile Gossip Girl UDX4 OM6 BN RAE P Blackstone Utility B
2019HCGCH CH OTCH Chantryile Gossip Girl UDX4 OM6 BN RAE P Blackstone Utility B
2020HITShow cancelled due to COVID19  
2020HCShow cancelled due to COVID19